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9th – 12th Grades

The high school students are located in the O’Leary Learning Center on the second floor of the main building.



GCA reserves the right to accept or deny credits as the administration deems necessary.  Generally, most, if not all, credits from previous high schools are accepted and recorded on the student’s permanent transcript.  GCA accepts transfer credits in no less than half-year increments.  The student must then complete the minimum required course of study to receive an accredited GCA diploma.  GCA does not offer high school credit by examination.


Each student of GCA enrolled in 9th grade or higher will receive an Academic Projection each year from the academic supervisor.  The student’s Academic Projection will be based upon one of the four courses of study offered by GCA and will determine what type of diploma the student will ultimately earn.  The decision regarding the course of study will be established by the academic supervisor, parent, and student, while adhering to the academic requirements of the Academy.  GCA offers the following courses of study:  Honors, College Prep, General, and Vocational


Graduation from GCA is determined by achievement, not chronological age.  The AOP Curriculum is designed to enable a student to complete the graduation requirements on a schedule commensurate with ability.  Some students may complete the graduation requirements earlier than others.  Time is not the deciding factor with the Academy – learning is; therefore, students will not receive a diploma until they have met all academic requirements (enrolled in GCA a minimum of six months and at least six credits), completed the prescribed course of study from their academic supervisor, and paid all necessary fees.  Upon completion of the most recently signed Academic Projection, the student can earn a high school diploma.


Many colleges require applicants to present results of a college entrance examination.  The most popular examinations are the SAT and the ACT.  Colleges and universities use the test results along with other criteria to determine admission eligibility.  These scores often determine the student’s qualification for scholarships as well.

It is recommended that students take the college entrance exam toward the end of their junior year or during the first semester of their senior year.  By this time, students typically have completed most of the course work covered by either test.  Both tests may be taken more than once with the highest score forwarded to colleges.  Before the student chooses a test date, the application deadline for the college of choice should be considered.  Keep in mind that it will take several weeks for score reports to be processed and mailed to chosen colleges.

Students who do not complete the recommended high school courses of Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, Physical Science, and Chemistry or Physics may not do as well on college entrance exams.  Students will have the opportunity to to take ACT prep courses through the Ignitia Curriculum.

Mr. Truong Ly
9th - 12th Grade Teacher and
High School Academic Supervisor

Mr. Jim Boyce
9th - 12th Grade Teacher

3200 Firewheel Dr., Flower Mound, TX 75028 972-539-7284